Choc-a-Bloc Cookies

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Our newest product to hit Cheat Day HQ! Choc - a - Bloc Cookies!

These cookies are New York style CHUNKY cookies.

Eat em' as they are, or... 15 to 30 seconds in the microwave and O.M.G.. you have a Cookie that Oozes the most delicious of fillings,,, Get. In. My. Belly!

Taste testing these Bad Boys has been an absolute treat!

Even better, they are freezable so if you're worried you won't get through em' pop into the freezer.. we guarantee they won't make it to the freezer!

Order now and enjoy the newest treat on the Cheat Day Block! 

Each box comes with 6 over sized Choc a Bloc Cookies. Select a mixed box or your fave flavour!